US Sends New Superweapon to Ukraine

US Sends New Superweapon to Ukraine

( – The Russian war on Ukraine is almost a year old. Western nations have sent billions of dollars in military equipment and aid to Ukraine to help them fight the invading force. Recently, the United States has reportedly sent a very advanced weapon to the country.

Ukraine’s UK Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko spoke to Newsweek about plans for the new year. The official mentioned the US sent a Patriot air defense system to his country, and he expressed shock over the decision, saying Ukraine “never expected a Patriot system.” The ambassador explained the weapon is “a top of the line anti-ballistic missile system,” which they thought was “out of the question.”

Now, Germany has also committed to sending a Patriot system to the war-torn nation. Prystaiko also discussed why Ukraine continues to ask for weapons, saying the country needs to keep receiving them until Russia “decide[s] that enough is enough.”

The US finalized plans to send the weapon at the end of December. Sent as part of a $1.85-billion military assistance package that Congress agreed to fund, the Patriot system will help the country bolster its air defense. NPR reported on a statement from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the time that accused Russia of trying and failing “to wipe Ukraine off the map.” For that reason, the US decided to provide “critical new and additional military capabilities.”

In addition to the Patriot system, Ukraine has received commitments from the US, Germany, and France to send the nation armored infantry vehicles, including the Bradley, Marder, and AMX-10. Ukraine has also asked Israel to send its Iron Dome, a highly-advanced missile defense system that protects the Jewish state from missiles launched by its surrounding enemies. So far, the request has not been fulfilled.

Russia has experienced significant military losses in recent months, passing the mark of 100,000 dead troops. Still, the country persists with its unprovoked war.

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