US Slaps Broad Russia-Related Sanctions on 250 Individuals and Businesses

  • The Treasury Department hit Russia with new sanctions.
  • Russia attacked Ukraine in 2022 and is trying to steal large areas of the country.
  • Ukraine has begged the US for more money in recent days.
  • The US recently said sanctions were starting to hurt the Russian economy.

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his military to invade Ukraine in 2022 after months of claiming he had no intention to attack his neighbor. Almost two years later, the war is still raging, and neither side is willing to back down. In response to the ongoing conflict, the US hit Russia with more sanctions.


On December 12, the Treasury Department announced more than 150 new sanctions on individuals and entities that help supply the Russian military. The sanctions were in addition to 100 already in place, bringing the total to over 250.

According to the announcement, the US met with G7 leaders the week prior and “reaffirmed their support for an independent, democratic Ukraine” within its borders that have been recognized by the international community. The sanctions were part of the commitments the US made with the G7 leaders. They are meant to take action against third-country actors supporting Russia and helping the country get “machine tools, equipment, and key inputs.”

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the Russian government has turned its country “into a wartime economy, but Putin’s war machine cannot survive on domestic production alone.”

Targets of Sanctions

The Treasury sanctioned individuals and entities primarily in three countries: the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Turkey. Among those sanctioned are nine people and four businesses identified in China, Hong Kong, Russia, and Pakistan that are allegedly working together to obtain Chinese-manufactured weapons and technology to give to Putin’s forces. Chinese national Hu Xiaoxun used Jarvis HK Co., Ltd., his defense company, and associates to coordinate the sales of that technology and the weapons.

Several Turkish-based businesses are also accused of helping Russia. For example, Egetir Otomotiv Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi allegedly sent more than 150 shipments of high-priority items to Russian-based manufacturers.

UAE-based companies are also included in the sanctions. AMC Service FZE is accused of shipping aircraft components and parts to Russia. Aspect DWC LLC reportedly also sent aircraft parts and equipment. Griffon FZC sent millions of dollars worth of aircraft parts to help out.

Yellen believes the sanctions on third-country supplies will make it harder for Putin to increase production and sustain his military-industrial complex.

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