US State Sues China

US State Sues China

( – Missouri did something unprecedented this week — the state sued the Chinese government. It wants the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to pay for the damages caused by COVID-19. The state alleges they could’ve saved lives and avoided economic disaster if the country’s government had handled the pandemic properly.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (R) filed the lawsuit on April 21. It accuses the Chinese government of deceiving and concealing the virus. Schmitt says the communist country’s actions cost his state billions of dollars. He discussed the suit with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tuesday night.

On April 22, Mississippi filed a suit against China, as well.

While there are difficulties in pursuing such a lawsuit because China is a sovereign nation, it’s still a huge step by both states. However these lawsuits pan out, it’s becoming abundantly clear that many people want to hold China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. We can’t be dependent on any foreign country for our products? Especially a communist country that is considered a risk. If they sell in our country that should have to pay a premium!!!!

  2. I agree bring all jobs back to America, make our country great again, correct the mistakes in the past and work together in bringing American manufacturing and product back with pride. No import from China!!!!!!

  3. What about other countries that have had the unnessesary loss of loved ones and destruction to their economies and life in general. This whole thing is pathetic. Sad, heartbreaking, maddening. They have also created the virus of fear. Remember God is watching and knows the truth. Whatever a man or country sows he, they shall reap.

  4. This is definitely an attack by China. But it is also being supported by the Democratic Party in the US. They want a one world Government to control all Americans. We are the reason that there isn’t a one world government now. Odumbass and Clinton planned this from the very beginning of 2012 when Barry took office. He was to lay the ground work. Starting to put the country as far in debt as he could. Then sign so many regulations that the small businesses could not afford to stay in business. He flooded our country with illegal immigrants and also brought as many anti-Americans as he could in form of Islamics. He worked against raising the GDP so the economy would spiral downward. Then rig the election for Clinton to come in and keep selling out America like he did. But they didn’t expect Trump to win and completely trash their plans and everything they had achieved so far. Now comes China. Democrats are helping the Chinese by extending a quarantine that is only destroying the economy which is what China and Bill Gates and George Soros and the rest of the Communist/Socialist leaders in the world want.
    This lockdown must be lifted now. No matter what the left says or does. 26,000,000+ people have lost their jobs because of this ignorant lockdown and that is EXACTLY why they keep extending it. They WANT citizens to be dependent on Government for everything so that they can dictate what you can wear, eat, drive. Where you can go, when you can go. Which Doctor you can see and when you can see them. Like many countries that have socialist healthcare (their term is “single payer”) you might have to wait 6 months for a life saving procedure that should be done the same day.
    This is not about your health, this is about power over the citizens and the money that they will take from you along with your business if you own one, they will seize all large corporations to use the income for themselves or, as they Will say “ for the good or all”. Sorry but living in a one world government and losing ALL OF YOUR CIVIL AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, isn’t living!!

    • I totally agree. Biggest obstacles for both the chicoms and Democrats are conservatives that believe in defending the constitution.

  5. Americains are the biggest liar and abuser. The Coronaviruss
    was imported my US soldiers that went to China for
    entertainment . In fact this is a complot prepared by D.Trump
    to dirty China and to make the US the #1 country of the world ..At the announcement of the Virus, Trump was laughing at
    Chinafor he was taking that matters very lightly and unimportant . Americain readers do not seem to keep themselves informed , Shame !!! Shame !!!

    • You obviously don’t have a clue what you are talking about. You really need to do some research and get off the trump hater boat.

    • Damn your stupider then a box of rocks!! If you believed the shit you just spewed. I hope you have not breed so we can stop the stupidness…. Hopefully you will fall victim to Darwins theory!!

    • I agree. They also said Arabs were behind 911 and that’s a lie because the us plotted the whole thing. The us was also behind the Pentagon getting hit and also claimed that was terrorists but that’s also a lie unless the we see that the us government is the terrorist. This is very much like the beast who would have fire coming from the sky and have all believe in wonder. This is just to gather those that are blind and death for the new world order. I also believe this is a plot to implant chips and barcodes in people.

    • You are most definitely the one uninformed if you get your information from main stream media. What kind of an ignorant moron are you? You are a snowflakes wet dream I guess. I’ve heard that small brain capacity such as yours is caused by breast feeding up until the age of at least twenty one am I correct or not? You’re a sorry pathetic excuse of an American, pack your stuff and please go to where you think your utopia is and take a few more with you. Preferably a slow sinking sink you waste of oxygen.

  6. It’s true the USA has a trade deficit with China,and owes a lot of money to them.Therefore the USA should go ahead, and sue China for all the for all the money their virus has cost us,and if the Chinese refuse
    to pay .We should just refuse to pay back any money that we owe them, and put tariffs back on them, and see how they like that.

    • We need to do that and bring back manufacturing jobs to the US. May cost a little more, but at least you won’t have to worry about chicoms poisoning you or sending contaminated products.

  7. Well I believe after the elections Trump will be bringing back our countries who are creating problems for all of us. These tech companies such as Google are actually aiding and abetting an enemy of the U.S. Same with allowing medications and anti biotics to be made there and sent here. I blame the last 3 administrations for propping up China. Our leadership has screwed us. They created the monster and the dems defend themonster and spread their propaganda. Personally I see no difference. We have 2 enemies. China and the socialists and MSM

    • Stop buying their second hand products! Nordstrom just delivered a top I looked forward to wearing. Says Made in China – back to them – bring manufacturing back to the US – the pharmaceuticals we buy made in China! Why?? Where are the NJ pharma companies? AND Vietnam is now copying China in slaughtering and boiling alive cats, dogs!

  8. Is this a type of an attack by China (germ warfare) against us for renegotiating the trade agreements, and/or possibly to interfere with our election in November?
    They have manipulated previous administrations but not this present one.
    Hopefully , the U.S. will investigate this. It is obvious they would prefer Biden to Trump, and they could do “business as usual”.

  9. Is this a type of an attack by China (germ warfare) against us for renegotiating the trade agreements, and/or possibly to interfere with the U.S. election in November.
    They have manipulated previous administrations but not this present one.
    Hopefully , the U.S. will investigate this. It is obvious they would prefer Biden to Trump, and they could do “business as usual”.

  10. I think joe Biden and his son did all this with the Chinese so he could win the election .Think about it .

  11. Start with Chinese owned banks here m US. And any goods from China. Iam moving all bank accounts to US banks only. No more gold to China
    All oil come from US only. It will be amazing to see this happened.
    I didn’t know that China owned one of our Meat/Pork companies. Look it up. It shut down due to virus. wake up America.

    • China owns Smithfield check it out. Employees are non Americans. Two good reasons to throw them out. All medicine and medical goods need to not be manufactured anywhere but in the United States of America. Boycott Chinese banks and businesses here immediately and don’t look back. Wake up wake up wake up America. Trump 2020 continues to drain the swamp and expose the underbelly scum in our government and introduce their backsides to the asphalt at a blistering speed. Trump landslide in 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🚂🇺🇸

    • Your absolutely right David. I’m not buying anything unless it says made in the USA with pride. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 We don’t need China for anything. A wall there is a great idea too.

  12. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. NEVER BUY ANOTHER THING “”””””MADE IN CHINA,””””””!!!!!
    5. NO MORE “PLAYING AROUND OR BS” WITH …CHINA………….PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. China should pay if they knew and hid it. “Shame on them”. All the poor lives this virus has killed and how many people are worried that their loved one could get and suffer. Make China pay if they are responsible

    • They knew, arrested doctors who just disappeared. Standard chicom procedure. Destroy early research and samples. The world needs to wake up and work together to put them back into the dark ages.

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