US, Taliban Call 7-Day Truce

US, Taliban Call 7-Day Truce

( – President Donald Trump’s goal of ending US combat operations in Afghanistan came a step closer Friday. Taliban insurgents began a seven-day “reduction in violence” that should lead to the withdrawal of thousands of troops. Also, hopefully, peace talks between the Taliban and the legitimate Afghan government will begin. If the partial ceasefire is implemented, and holds, a US-Taliban deal will be signed on Saturday.

Announcing the move, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said US negotiators had “come to an understanding” with the Taliban on a reduction in violence.

Since their illegal regime was deposed in 2001, the Taliban have worked to make Afghanistan ungovernable through constant attacks against security forces, infrastructure and the civilian population. However, with a rise in the number of splinter groups and opposing terrorists – including Islamic State – there are questions about whether they can end the insurgency as easily as they started it.

This week, President Trump hopes to find that out.

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