Vaccine Development Hits New Phases

Vaccine Development Hits New Phases

( – There’s a great deal of effort going into the development of a COVID-19 cure. It’s easy to overlook vaccination research while our attention is focused on sick patients and the damage it’s doing to our economy. President Donald Trump has pushed hard for speeding up research. Here’s where scientists are at right now.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is tracking eight candidates to help in the endeavor of finding a potential vaccine. Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) recently spoke about these efforts during a live stream. He hopes more than one of these vaccine development projects is successful to make the cure more widely available on a shorter timeline.

As Fauci mentioned, the timeframes of vaccination trials have been accelerated. One of these candidates, mRNA-1273, developed by Moderna, just cleared the FDA’s approval for phase-2 testing. Additionally, Pfizer started phase-1 testing its candidate on Monday, May 11.

This is as much an international effort as it is an American one.

Oxford University’s Jenner Institute will also begin vaccination testing soon as they call for over 6,000 volunteers and hope to have millions of doses ready in fall if successful. Also, European Union (EU) leaders, world leaders, nonprofit organizations, and even celebrities had a virtual conference Monday. They decided to allocate $8 billion in new laboratory funding towards COVID-19 research endeavors.

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  1. I think Dr Fauci, Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and Bill and Hillary Clinton should be first in line to volunteer for the vaccine.

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    Why don’t all you Trump lovers inject Lysol take a bath with Clorox and stick a flashlight up your ass and then I’ll save you

    • Only ignorant democrats are that stupid and if they are that stupid there ya go. No hope for them anyway.. Republicans are smart enough too understand what the President meant…sorry for you. You weren’t!


  3. • Timeframes of vaccination trials have been accelerated. According to Fr. Fauci this is as much an international effort as it is an American one, proving that the present testing is a “by guess and by God” deal!
    • Make no mistake! President GW Bush made an impassioned speech on National TV begging Congress to fund a National pandemic prevention bill back in 2005. This is documentable! YOUR self-serving Congressmen ignored your safety over something more important to them. Congress served themselves first, proving incumbent legislators don’t deserve your vote.

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    • Then you’ll all get COVID, and anyone with a pre-existing condition will be hospitalized and/or die. Nice knowing you.

  9. We seem to agree, do not trust Dr. Fauci, friend of Bill Gates, WHO Director, the Clintons, Hollywood and the news media. Many of us will fear it and can’t take the vaccine, since we can’t take the flu shot either. I quit flu shots, after getting one, and was sick most of the winter. So for governors to hold up American workers, until they get a vaccine is absolutely foolish, except that their Socialist strategy is destroy the American economy. They want to continue allowing the Communist China, buy out of America’s industries and farmland, which started from 2012-2016 of Obama’s term. You can check them out. We can’t believe the news media, or the Democrats, since we’ve learned, Daniel Jones, a former staffer to a Democrat Senator created TDIP news feed of false stories for the new media to discredit President Trump. We learned some of the video clips were phony, and the recent transcripts on Flynn proved that he was innocent. The COVID numbers may not be accurate, so why should one believe or trust anything from them?

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  13. Agree. Look at Fauci institute- he gets money back from his foundation on vaccine
    Next look at those who own the companies producing the vaccine. They stand to gain LOTS of money. Investigate please ! Before you agree to this vaccine.

    • Don’t Trust the Director of W.HO., either. He works for a Communist Country. This is the start of Communism and We The People ain’t hav’n it!

  14. I don’t trust vaccines, I’m allergic to the flu vaccination, I get way sicker from it than I do from the flu if I get it,haven’t had the flu in over 20 years , haven’t had a flu vaccine in over 30- 35 years

  15. I hope all of these vaccine research efforts are paying close attention to ethical concerns inherent in vaccine production.

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