Victim Feared for Her Life During Alleged Killer’s Time as a Fugitive

Downed Officer Still Manages To Shoot Fleeing Criminal

( – A victim of alleged killer Jason Billingsley says she thought he was going to come after her while he was on the run last month. The woman, whom Billingsley sexually assaulted in 2013, isn’t connected to the tech CEO he allegedly murdered in late September. However, she feared he wanted revenge for the time he spent in jail after attacking her.

On September 25, Pava LaPere, the 26-year-old founder of tech startup EcoMap Technologies, was reported missing. Hours later, her body was found on the roof of her Baltimore apartment building, badly beaten and partially clothed. Cops quickly identified 32-year-old Billingsley as the chief suspect — and that news terrified a woman who’d fallen victim to the violent criminal a decade ago.

In 2013, she was the target of a brutal rape that saw Billingsley sentenced to 30 years in jail, but 16 years of that sentence were suspended, and he was given five years of probation. Unknown to his victim, he was released in 2022. The first time she knew about that was when he was named as the suspect in LaPere’s murder.

The woman told reporters that as soon as she heard Billingsley’s name, her heart “started pounding.” She feared he would track her down to get revenge for being jailed, and while he was on the run, she kept looking behind her and repeatedly checking the news to see if he’d been caught.

She had reason to worry; Billingsley, who cops described as a “repeat violent offender,” is suspected of raping and slashing a woman and then setting her and a man on fire in a savage attack on September 19. Both victims survived that attack, but they could easily have died. The 2013 victim told reporters that when she read the details of LaPere’s killing, it brought back memories of the violence she had suffered at his hands.

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