Viral Doctor Suspended From Twitter

Viral Doctor Suspended From Twitter

( – Earlier this week, physicians with America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD) held a news conference on Capitol Hill to express their support for the COVID-19 treatment hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Dr. Stella Immanuel’s speech went viral and was shared millions of times on social media before platforms declared it “misinformation” and took it down. She’s now being targeted by Twitter.

On July 30, a spokesperson for Twitter told the Washington Examiner that Dr. Immanuel violated their “COVID-19 misinformation policy.” She reportedly has to “delete the violative tweet” and her account will have limited function for 12 hours. However, some reports claim it’s a week-long suspension.

Twitter also suspended Donald Trump Jr.’s account this week after he had the audacity to share the video of the doctors speaking.

Although social media might be trying to censor these physicians, the Trump Administration is not. According to reports, Vice President Mike Pence met with the doctors this week to hear what they had to say.

Big Tech’s attempt to censor medical professionals is a bridge too far. It’s about time they lost some of their power. Fortunately, President Trump has already indicated he’s just the man to take on the fight.

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