Virginia Democrats Create Controversy

Virginia Democrats Create Controversy

( — A significant number of controversial policy decisions are making the rounds through Virginia’s state government. Democrats, who have recently taken back control of the state’s House and Senate, are now pushing a multitude of heated agendas. As House Speaker-elect Eileen Filler-Corn put it:

“Voters demanded action, and they have called for a legislature that works for them. And this session, they will get exactly that.”

Some of these issues include:

  • LGBTQ rights and measures against discrimination
  • Making abortions more accessible
  • Various criminal justice reforms
  • Second Amendment restrictions

In regards to the last item, many are concerned that Virginia Democrat policies are directly infringing on Second Amendment rights. In opposition, militia and activist groups across Virginia have dubbed the state to be a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.” State counties are fiercely debating whether or not to fight against Democratic legislators or to fully embrace gun rights.

Whatever the outcomes of these cases, Virginia has a heated set of issues to handle going into the new year.

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