VP Hopeful Silent on Statues

VP Hopeful Silent on Statues

(NewsReady.com) – While Joe Biden hasn’t made a decision about a running mate yet, Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) is slowly emerging as a front runner for the VP slot on his ticket. As a disabled Thai woman, Duckworth ticks all the right diversity boxes for the increasingly identitarian Democratic Party. But, after some of her recent comments, she might not go down quite as well with the average voter.

Asked by CNN about leftist demands to remove statues of George Washington, Duckworth refused to give a straight answer as to whether or not she’d support those demands. The senator, who lost both legs in Iraq, said we should “listen to the arguments,” but wouldn’t say what she actually thinks.

Duckworth went on to falsely claim President Trump’s rally speech last Friday was about “honoring dead traitors.” After these comments, she may find it difficult to gain more supporters.

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