Wall Street Reacts to Sanders’ Momentum

Wall Street Reacts to Sanders' Momentum

(NewsReady.com) – Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) promises to provide Americans with a host of free services. Under a Sanders administration, citizens would receive universal health care, free public college tuition, potentially have access to a new federal housing program, and much more. How exactly he will pay for these programs has been alluded to, and Wall Street has taken notice.

Wall Street doesn’t like what it sees.

In particular response to Sanders’ Medicare for All program, health insurance company stocks just saw a significant drop. Some of the big insurance providers’ stocks, like Anthem, Cigna, UnitedHealth, and Molina Healthcare, dropped between 2% and 3.1%.

To Sanders, the viability of these types of health insurance providers is second to giving all Americans health coverage.

It’s showing how much investors are starting to worry about their market presence now that Sanders’ popularity and support have undergone a strong upswing.

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  1. Socialism is one breath away from Communism and a totalitarian Govt. where you have no voice. Sanders is already talking about controlling the internet. America must remain free, where you can speak your mind without threat or harm. In Denmark my son pays one half of his paycheck to the Govt. Everything is 5 times higher than in the US. Is that what Americans really want?

  2. Coming from a Vietnam vet was a Security Specialist USAF I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and protect it from Domestic and Foreign Invaders in my book Bernie Sanders is a Socialist Communists.

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