Walmart Yanks MyPillow Products From Stores

Walmart Yanks MyPillow Products From Stores

Walmart Just Cancelled This Republican Product

( – Retail giant Walmart has pulled products marketed by a pro-Trump activist. The store chain claims the move was due to falling sales — but some Conservatives are saying it’s political bias.

Mike Lindell founded MyPillow Inc in 2009, and since then has sold over 41 million of its foam-filled pillows. However, since early last year, stores have been dropping the products. Bed, Bath & Beyond was one of the first to stop selling them, blaming poor sales for the decision. Kohls, H-E-B, and Wayfair have also phased out the MyPillow brand. Now, Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has followed their lead — and, again, poor sales are taking the blame.

Lindell isn’t convinced by this explanation. He’s a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, and since the disputed 2020 presidential election, he’s been targeted by the Left several times. On May 20, he was fined by a district court for making “frivolous” claims about controversial electronic voting machines, and he believes Walmart and other stores are dropping him as part of the same campaign. Reacting to Walmart’s announcement, Lindell said the company was “canceling” him and labeled the decision “disgusting.”

While Walmart is withdrawing the pillows from its stores, they’ll still be available through the company’s website. If they really are suffering from poor sales, that doesn’t seem to make much sense. Is Lindell right to blame his politics for the move?

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