WaPo Columnist Infuriated That Republicans Like “Top Gun” Movie

WaPo Columnist Infuriated That Republicans Like Top Gun Movie

Leftist Media Throws Temper Tantrum After Conservatives Call Top Gun ‘Patriotic’

(NewsReady.com) – Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun: Maverick” movie has captivated audiences across the world. The movie has raked in more than $900 million in less than a month. In America, Conservatives have celebrated the film for its patriotism — and that has angered a columnist for The Washington Post.

On June 21, WaPo columnist Max Boot wrote an op-ed condemning Conservatives who like the film. The article, entitled, “Republicans can’t celebrate ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ while denigrating the military,” quoted reviews by media on the Right. For example, Breitbart called the film a “masculine, pro-American, stridently non-woke blockbuster.” The Daily Caller had a similar opinion about it.

Boot slammed Conservatives for having the audacity to enjoy the film. He claimed the GOP “lost the plot” and didn’t notice the white star, Tom Cruise, had a diverse cast of co-stars. He said there were three Asian Americans, two women, one Latino American, and two black actors in the movie, which reflects the country’s diversity.

The angry columnist went even further, saying the movie depicted the “foreign interventionism” Republicans embraced when former President Donald Trump was in office. Finally, he claimed those on the Right continued to perpetuate a myth that Democrats hate the military while Republicans love it, but said President Joe Biden had increased defense spending.

Boot concluded his rant by saying that Conservatives aren’t allowed to love the film.

Do you think the columnist was out of line?

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