War Cabinet Minister Gives Netanyahu An Ultimatum Over Gaza

(NewsReady.com) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t only facing international pressure over his handling of the war in Gaza. The leader is also dealing with calls from officials within his own government who want him to change his strategy. Now, one of them has threatened to quit.

On May 18, Benny Gantz, a member of Israel’s three-member war cabinet, threatened to quit the government in three weeks if Netanyahu didn’t agree to a six-point plan for Gaza. In a letter and a speech, Gantz called on the prime minister to prioritize the return of the Israeli hostages in Gaza. He also wants to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia, helping Israelis who were displaced by the conflict near the Lebanon border to return home and create a governing body that the US, Saudi Arabia, and Europe would oversee.

Gantz said he wants Palestinians to manage the civilian affairs in Gaza when the war ends and wants ultra-Orthodox Jews to be able to join the military. The Israeli official said he would resign from the government and seek an early national election if Netanyahu refused to adopt the plan by June. He said, “We need a strategic reversal” and told the prime minister it was “the moment of truth.”

Netanyahu is currently dealing with conflicting advice from his far-right allies and those who support the US. In recent days, he has also faced criticism from Defense Minister Yoav Gallant who said the prime minister doesn’t have a plan post-war. He said he raised the issue multiple times over the last several months and stressed the need to prevent Israeli troops from occupying Gaza when Hamas is eliminated.

The far-right leaders in Israel and thousands of supporters held a rally calling on the prime minister to allow Israeli settlers to occupy Gaza. They want to build settlements on the ruins of the Palestinian people’s homes.

The conflict has made Netanyahu’s grasp on power tenuous.

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