Warning! Staying Inside Could Be Dangerous

Warning! Staying Inside Could Be Dangerous
  • COVID-19 spreads through droplets of fluid containing the virus.
  • Viral aerosolization in a space that’s confined is a real concern.
  • Some studies show 50% of infected people have no symptoms.
  • Health experts say a person is less likely to become infected while they’re outside.

(NewsReady.com) – When the coronavirus began infecting people in the US, governors started locking states down and asking people to stay indoors. State and city parks were closed. People were told to stay off of beaches. Americans all over the country moved their activities indoors. Now it’s starting to look like that wasn’t the best idea after all.

New Evidence

According to health experts, being outside is a lot safer than inside as a person outdoors is a lot less likely to contract the deadly virus. The former Director of the CDC, Tom Frieden, said people need to “enjoy nature” because you have a “very low risk of spreading the virus” at beaches and parks.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb agrees that people can start going outside again.

COVID-19 spreads like any other respiratory illness. When a carrier of the virus sneezes, coughs or releases other fluid it can infect someone else. In a confined space, the risk is higher because the droplets containing the virus hang out in the air longer than they would outdoors.

Boston University School of Public Health Professor Eleanor Murray said business and government leaders are going to need to come up with “creative solutions” to the health crisis. She suggested measures like closing streets to allow more outside seating for restaurants.

Good News, But There Are Caveats

Although it seems to be safer outside, that doesn’t mean people can start having parties with hundreds of people or anything like that. Everyone should still adhere to the social-distancing guidelines put in place by President Donald Trump’s administration.

Try to stay 6 feet apart from others and don’t have groups larger than 10 people. That’ll limit the possibility others will be infected by the droplets of fluid. Common sense will go a long way toward keeping everyone safe.

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