Warren’s Corporate Earnings

Warren's Corporate Earnings

Americans, especially those who self-identify as Liberals, are naturally curious about everything regarding their elected officials. The magnifying glass becomes more intense when it comes to presidential hopefuls, like those on the packed DNC roster. One of them, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), has been under increased scrutiny due to calls from rival Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, IN, to disclose more financial information and be more transparent and forthcoming about her past financial dealings.

According to a disclosure from her presidential campaign released on Sunday, Warren earned roughly $2 million as a consultant for corporations and financial firms. These earnings came during her tenure at Harvard Law School, University of Pennsylvania and other law schools. Warren specialized in bankruptcy and commercial law, and was one of the three most cited scholars in those fields.

The presidential-hopeful had previously refused to release this information after multiple requests, until Sunday. However, the records that were released don’t include the amount of compensation she received from all her client companies, making the information Warren chose to release either misleading or incomplete.

Some factions within the Democratic party are using this as a talking point to question Warren’s integrity and how transparent she would be if elected into the Oval Office.

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