Washington Post Misquoted Trump’s GA Leaked Audio

Washington Post Misquoted Trump's GA Leaked Audio

(NewsReady.com) – In January, the Washington Post published a story accusing then-President Donald Trump of trying to influence the outcome of the Georgia election by calling its secretary of state’s chief investigator, Frances Watson. According to the WaPo, the president told the official that if she would “find the fraud” she’d be a “national hero.” Now, the country is learning that was all a lie.

On March 11, the WaPo quietly corrected its reporting and admitted their previous information was a lie. The newspaper said a recently released audio proves Trump wasn’t asking the investigator to find fraud. Instead, he was encouraging her to analyze ballots in Fulton County and said she would likely find “dishonesty.” He called her job the “most important” in the country at that time.

This is the kind of shoddy journalism destroying America’s trust in the industry. Not only did the WaPo report this, but other outlets picked it up. They then claimed to have “verified” it through other sources and printed it. The newest revelations prove there is a cancer of misinformation spreading through the mainstream media, and if they don’t work fast, it will probably kill the industry.

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