WH Gives Update on POTUS Healthcare Plan

WH Gives Update on POTUS Healthcare Plan

(NewsReady.com) – On Tuesday, September 15, President Donald Trump attended a town hall-style event host by ABC News called “The President and the People.” He answered a number of tough questions from voters including one about protections for preexisting conditions in the wake of his support of a lawsuit to end Obamacare. On Wednesday, the White House gave an update on where the POTUS’ healthcare plan stands.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the president has a health care plan ready to go. It will be an executive order, but also include a “legislative component.”

Meadows said the plan has taken a while because the president had to “get creative with executive powers” since Congress is incapable of passing anything. He went on to say Trump can “bring health care costs down through executive action.”

Although the WH didn’t say when it will be released to the public, it stands to reason the president would put it out before the election. Americans will go to the polls on November 3 to decide who they want to lead the country for the next four years.

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