What Else Is China Hiding?

What Else Is China Hiding?

(NewsReady.com) – China’s behavior throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been shady, to say the least. The US even believes the Communist regime kept the outbreak hidden so the country could stockpile supplies for itself. But how long did they keep the world in the dark? New evidence suggests longer than we originally thought.

A new Harvard Medical School study shows the outbreak may have begun in the fall of 2019. Researchers looked at satellite images and noticed an increase in traffic “outside five major Wuhan hospitals” in the late summer and autumn.

Harvard Medical Professor Dr. John Brownstein told ABC News the satellite images match the period of time where Chinese internet searches for symptoms that are “closely associated” with the coronavirus.

If this turns out to be true, it means the Chinese knew about the outbreak months before they shared it with the rest of the world.

Think of how many lives could have been saved had President Donald Trump known about the virus before spreading. Consider the businesses that could still be open today. The possibility of this being international is unfathomable, but may very well be exactly what happened.

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  1. It’s the Meds we’re getting from chia Mfgr s that’s Got to be stopped as there is no telling what they could and will taint them with if they feel we’re not kneeling and kissing their butts with big money. I know I get some that are MADE IN CHINA that are stamped as 50 mg but are much weaker and 3/4 time useless for pain.lower cost but not much more than aspirin, this worries me as what’s next from them soy flour for meds?

  2. Ooops. So you have to read between the lines. Really, what is Hunter Biden and his father doing in China? The Obahma Administration. The Clinton Foundation. President Trump exposed them. Now they are mad. They are doing everything in their power to destroy us because we know exactly what they were doing.

  3. Isnt it reasonable to assume western intelligence agencies had more than a sense of what was occuring in China ? They do not advertise any successes they have in ferreting out intelligence about China. Sources and methods are always protected and the best ones are harbored , even if the intelligence is supercritical to Americans.
    Assuming the U S. was aware what would or could have been done?
    What could we do to counter or punish China for it’s virtual attack upon us? The truth of what happened in China in late 2019 may never be made public but are there counter measures that have been taken?
    When the stock market lost over 10,000 points on the DOW, who sold short and made trillions?
    The truth of the virus lies in places that reveal who benefited from the tragedy, how they benefited and why have we tolerated China’s literal act of war?

  4. I understand that a very large number (millions) of cell phones in China just disappeared at about the same time… deaths or censorship? Will we ever know?

  5. We’re dealing with a Communist country desirIng to be the Worlds Grand Powerhouse and leader. They hate us as we’re considered the worlds leader instead of them so as Commies do they wanted to see the USA fall and many others world wide that way we were supposed to take a knee to them for the cure, which they don’t hav,the goods to take care of the infected and the home made meds they have, those we were so stupid as to of let them make for us under our name as they shout were the big pharmaceutical market you WILL Buy from now. This then was backed by another hater Nazi Soros and WOW the dang DevilRats saw a chance to jump on in thinking China would put them in charge of America while China would give the orders and furnish a Chinese Dictator but the DevilsRats could Run America as we’re it theirs. Devilrats were totally fooled as China wouldn’t share a bowl of moldy rice with them. Fools yes but in their power grab heads it made them the king of America. True losers, first to Trump then China.

  6. The ccp are liars and deceitful,Remember when all of our pets were dying from the treats and food made in China boycott China everyone

  7. I can understand why people are surprised about this attorneys have been known for years to do anything that can to show the United States should my nothing allowed coming from China or going to China

  8. Buy NOTHING from China and boycott Amazon! Nearly Everything they sell comes from China. We keep feeding the beast!

    • I agree, but you can’t buy a ceiling fan that is not made in chine (example) Hunter fans are made in China and they own Casa Blanca Fan Company, and guess where your expensive Casa Blanca’s are made. I have been asking this question for 50 years, why is everything made in China? Well the answer is to make companies richer and we get stuck with the junk.

    • All of the Bird feeders are ‘made in China’.
      There are a very few cedar wooden ones made by the Amish, one has to rework them to make them hold up.

  9. The Chinese Government is communists and I don’t think what I learned in school about communists has changed. They will do anything to interrupt other governments especially the United States. It scares me to think of all the medication that is made there. There are a lot of noncommunist countries where we could have things made. They got a lot of knowledge on how to make the coronavirus from the United States including Dr. Fauci. It’s called Recombinant. It’s similar to the process used to get human insulin.

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