What the Election Forecast Means for Trump

What the Election Forecast Means for Trump

(NewsReady.com) – The 2020 presidential election is right around the corner. Many polls predict that presumed Democratic candidate Joe Biden is going to win, just like they did in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. One political science professor, however, is pushing back.

Stony Brook Professor Helmut Norpoth introduced the “Primary Model” in 1996, and since then he has predicted five out of six elections correctly. In his most recent forecast, the model found President Donald Trump has a 91-95% chance of beating Biden in November.

A few days ago, the professor spoke to Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs about the forecast.

Four years ago, the Primary Model correctly guessed the 2016 outcome. If this model continues its record of success, it looks like President Trump is on the right track for 2020. That is, if his voters show up at the polls.

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