What to Expect From Impeachment Trial This Week

What to Expect From Impeachment Trial This Week

(NewsReady.com) – Week two of the Senate impeachment trial is underway with some new developments that have changed things up. While there’s still a schedule to adhere to, John Bolton’s new manuscript might alter the discourse. Still, with Trump’s legal team wrapping up its statements, here’s what we can expect from the rest of the week.

Wednesday and Thursday

Senators will ask questions by submitting them to John Roberts, the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice. Roberts will then read the questions for both sides to answer. Democrats may attempt to use these questions to further force the issue of witness testimony while Republicans are, generally speaking, against the idea.


Assuming the schedule leading up to Friday hasn’t been derailed, especially with Bolton’s recent contributions to the situation, Senators will debate for up to 4 hours during the afternoon. They’ll deliberate on calling up witnesses or additional documents for the Senate to consider.

If there are no witnesses, the Senate could end the trial with a final vote and wrap up the case. If witnesses are called upon, the trial could likely extend into next week. Some Republicans have expressed interest in hearing Bolton’s side of the story, so we’ll learn of the Senate’s decision on Friday.

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