White House Could Take COVID Assistance Action

White House Could Take COVID Assistance Action

(NewsReady.com) – Yet again, Democrat lawmakers are trying to hold up a relief package for American workers and businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. All of these delays could prompt the White House to do something about the situation.

Why the holdup? Republicans are trying to negotiate a balanced package that’ll protect jobs; Dems want a much more ambitious $3 trillion spending spree that would leave some people getting more in unemployment than they do working.

The real sticking point is over the enhanced unemployment that’s been paid since May and expired at the end of July. Democrats are refusing to support any bill that doesn’t restore this at the full $600 weekly rate. Republicans want a more sustainable $200 payment – but the stalemate in Congress means nobody is getting any payment at all.

The president is showing his frustration.

Now, a senior White House official has told reporters the administration is looking at ways to run around Congress and make sure Americans get the support they need. So far, there are no details on what’s being planned, or even if any unilateral action is possible.

At least the president is ready to act to help workers get through this crisis.

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