White House Expert Censored By Twitter

White House Expert Censored By Twitter

(NewsReady.com) – On Saturday, October 17, Twitter’s efforts to censor Conservatives stepped up another notch when it locked the account of a White House scientist. Professor Scott Atlas had his account locked and was forced to delete a series of tweets as the price for getting his account unlocked.

Atlas, a senior health policy researcher at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, was appointed to the White House Coronavirus Task Force in August by President Trump.

On Saturday, Atlas sent a series of tweets advising on when to wear a mask. In his tweets, Atlas said masks should be worn in situations where you can’t socially distance, but argued that cities – and even whole countries – that imposed mask mandates saw the same infection rates as those without.

It’s worth noting that Democrat presidential challenger Joe Biden supports a national mask mandate, while Atlas doesn’t – nor does President Trump.

Twitter hasn’t given any reason for why they responded by locking his account. Sadly, it seems Twitter (and Biden) only follow the evidence when it suits their agenda.

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