White House Plans to Distribute Heroin Kits for “Equity”

White House Plans to Distribute Heroin Kits for

(NewsReady.com) – Americans believe in helping one another – it’s one of the things that makes the country great. There are countless nonprofits that serve people from all walks of life to help them through a wide array of issues. Although the country is full of people willing to help others, they have their limits. For instance, not everyone believes in using their tax dollars to possibly enable drug addicts. That’s what it seems President Joe Biden’s administration is doing.

February 7 was the deadline for nonprofits to apply to receive funds from the White House’s 2022 Harm Reduction Program Grant. The $30-million program was created to support overdose prevention programs at the community level. The government hopes to prevent the spread of diseases and to advance equity. One way the program intends to allegedly create equity is by funding syringes and disposal kits for needles — both used by heroin addicts.

The funding would also pay for “safe smoking kits.” These kits, which are generally used for crack and crystal meth, usually include a mouthpiece, rubber bands, alcohol wipes, triple antibiotic cream, a filter, vitamins E and C, condoms, and screens.

While some of the funding would go to good causes like preventing unwanted pregnancies and spreading HIV, it also funds drug paraphernalia. Many Conservatives vehemently disagree with funding the kits. They believe it just encourages drug use and don’t believe taxpayers should foot the bill.

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