White House Pushing New Plan That Will Use Taxpayer Money to Hire Lawyers For Illegals

White House Pushing New Plan That Will Use Taxpayer Money To Hire Lawyers For Illegals

(NewsReady.com) – Just days after Senate Democrats threatened to use reconciliation to push through an amnesty plan for thousands of illegal immigrants, it’s emerged that the Biden administration plans to spend a fortune providing publicly-funded lawyers to border jumpers. This is so they can fight his own government’s attempts to deport them. Say what?

Last week, the administration proposed allocating $15 million for private attorneys for “families and vulnerable individuals” who illegally enter the US, plus another $23 million for a Department of Justice (DOJ) “legal orientation program.” The money, slotted into Biden’s 2022 budget proposal, is the first time a president has suggested paying the legal fees of illegal immigrants, and there’s a very good reason it’s never been done before – it’s probably illegal.

Section 292 of the Immigration Nationality Act prohibits the government from spending public money on legal representation in immigration cases, according to former Federal Immigration Judge Andrew Arthur and other legal experts. It’s also unfair, says homeland security expert Lora Ries. Immigration proceedings are civil cases, and US citizens can’t get taxpayer-funded legal assistance in civil cases. Yet again, Biden wants to give illegals more rights than the American people.

There are also worries that the initial $15 million could be the thin end of the wedge. Most immigrants spend between $2,000 and $10,000 on lawyers. Even at the low end, $15 million would only pay costs for 7,500 people – but 190,000 migrants crossed the border in the last 4 months. How much will this really end up costing?

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