Whitmer Accused of Stay-at-Home Cover Up

Whitmer Accused of Stay-at-Home Cover Up

(NewsReady.com) – A lot of Michiganders are angry at Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) for keeping the state locked down so long. Now some are even angrier because they suspect she hasn’t been following the rules herself.

Whitmer sparked controversy last week when her husband’s car was seen outside the couple’s holiday home in the north of the state. Now a dock owner says Whitmer’s husband tried to use her influence to get the couple’s boat in the water for the Memorial Day weekend – and a state senator claims he was pressured into helping cover that up.

State Senator Tom Barrett (R) says he shared a Facebook post from the dock owner describing how Marc Mallory called asking to have the boat launched. Then he used his wife’s position to try to bully the dock employee into agreeing.

According to Barrett, he was then called late Friday night by the governor’s office, assured the story was false and pressured to delete his post – which he did.

Now Barrett says he’s checked the story and confirmed that it’s true after all. After he shared it with Fox News, the network contacted Whitmer’s office, who failed to deny it. Patience with the lockdown is already wearing thin; if Whitmer keeps ignoring her own rules many Michiganders are likely to follow her example.

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