Whoopi Goldberg Likens Trump Supporters to KKK Members

Whoopi Goldberg Likens Trump Supporters to KKK Members

(NewsReady.com) – President Donald Trump has a very passionate base. They hold massive Trump trains on their own, show up to his rallies, and vote to make the country a better place for their kids. That’s what makes recent comments from the hosts of “The View” so absurd.

On November 2, Whoopi Goldberg started ranting about the president’s supporters surrounding a Biden campaign bus in Texas over Halloween weekend. She claimed it looked “like a scene out of ‘Mississippi Burning,’” a reference to the 1988 film about the murders of 3 civil rights activists in the ‘60s carried out by white supremacists.

Co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin agreed. Hostin went as far as saying the president “emboldened bigots and racists.”

President Trump has repeatedly condemned racism. He has called out white supremacists. He does not incite violence, no matter how many times the Left says he does. His supporters are simply passionate. They were driving on a highway and nobody was hurt. There’s nothing to be outraged about.

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