Woman Alleged To Have Shoplifted During a “Shop With a Cop” Event

(NewsReady.com) – Each year, police around the country help provide Christmas gifts for less fortunate children. Officers in Livingston County, Michigan, host an annual “Shop With a Cop” event. While they were bringing the kids joy, a woman was allegedly behaving badly.

At the end of November, officers were hosting their annual “Shop With a Cop” event at Walmart. Each officer paired with a child and gave them $100 or $150 to shop for themselves. Their family was also able to attend the event. Michigan State Police Lt. Rene Gonzalez told Fox 2 Detroit that the kids involved are those who “might otherwise not have a good Christmas.”

The police officers and state troopers who take part in the event make a big deal about it. They use lights and sirens when they arrive at the store. There’s also a heavy presence there. Still, that didn’t deter one woman from going full Grinch.

An unnamed 62-year-old woman was at the Walmart at the same time as the event. She loaded up her cart with approximately $730 worth of clothes, groceries, and other miscellaneous items. After filling her cart, she walked to the front of the store, bypassing self-checkout, and left the store.

A clerk at the front of the Walmart asked the woman for her receipt, but the woman allegedly walked right past her and out to her car.

Gonzalez said he was surprised to learn about the incident because there were 75 cops inside the store at the time. He explained that usually people are extra cautious around the police, but this woman was pretty brazen.

After the suspect refused to produce a receipt and left the store, a Walmart employee told a state trooper who was shopping with a child. The officer stopped shopping and went after the woman. She was arrested and taken to the Livingston County Jail. Fortunately, the trooper was able to complete the shopping trip with the kid they were escorting.

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