Woman Recounts Horrific Moose Assault

(NewsReady.com) – A Colorado woman has had a narrow escape from an enraged moose that attacked her as she walked her dog. The half-ton animal charged her from behind, butting and trampling her. Luckily, although injured, she survived the attack.

On September 20, Chris Ray was walking her dog Nala on the South Saint Vrain Trail in Boulder County, Colorado, when she heard what she described as an “oo” sound from behind her. Turning, she was horrified to see a moose charging at her. Ray tried to shelter behind a tree but tripped on barbed wire. As she sprawled on the ground, the moose ran over her twice, trampling her.

As it came back for a third attack, she managed to reach a tree — and the furious animal then turned on her dog, which suffered minor injuries. Finally, the moose lost interest, and Ray was able to walk to a neighbor’s home and call the police. She suffered three broken vertebrae and one broken rib, as well as soft tissue damage. She said she sometimes sees moose in the woods and usually turns and walks away; this time, she thinks, the moose was defending its baby and acted more aggressively.

Although most people worry about predators when they’re away from civilization, wildlife experts say moose are actually very dangerous; in Alaska, they injure more people than bears. They’re not usually aggressive, but they can get that way if they’re harassed by people or dogs, or when they’re tired or hungry. Bull moose can attack without provocation during their mating season in September and October, while cows with young calves are likely to attack anyone who approaches them.

Alaska Fish and Game warns that if you see a moose calf on its own, you should stay clear in case you come between it and its mother, and they also say that if moose get used to being fed by people, they can get angry if they meet someone who doesn’t feed them. With adults standing up to six feet tall at the shoulder and weighing from 800 to 1,200 pounds, an angry moose isn’t something you want to be anywhere near.

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