Woman Sentenced for Terrorist Financing

Woman Sentenced for Terrorist Financing

DOJ Finds MONEY TRAIL – Terrorist Financing!

(NewsReady.com) – A 26-year-old Alabama woman has been jailed for illegally financing a terrorist group. Three years ago, she pleaded guilty to a charge of concealing terrorism financing. Her lawyers have argued that she wasn’t responsible for her actions, but last week, a federal judge sentenced her to over seven years in prison.

In early 2018, Alaa Mohd Abusaad held several meetings with a person she believed to be interested in sending money to al-Qaeda, the notorious Islamist terrorist organization. Abusaad encouraged them by explaining that the “jihad” needs weapons and equipment, and coached them on ways to send funds without being detected. Unfortunately for her and the terrorists, her contact was actually an undercover FBI agent.

Convincing that her plot was succeeding, Abusaad finally introduced the agent to someone who could actually carry out fund transfers to al-Qaeda associates — and was promptly arrested for violating terrorism finance laws. At her 2019 trial, she admitted guilt, but her defense team claimed mental health issues and the experience of growing up Muslim in Tuscaloosa, AL, had left her “vulnerable to the dangers of the internet.”

Abusaad claims she just wanted to help civilians in Syria, but in a letter to the judge, she admitted that she saw US troops as “evil.”

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