Woman Wins $175,000 Scratch Ticket From White Elephant Exchange

Woman Wins $175,000 Scratch Ticket From White Elephant Exchange

(NewsReady.com) – Colleagues across the country exchange gifts during the holiday season. One of the most popular ways to do it is by holding white elephant parties. That’s when the first participant chooses a random present to unwrap, then those after them are allowed to either pick from the unwrapped pile or steal a gift from someone who unwrapped one before them. A Kentucky woman recently played and won the ultimate prize.

Lori Janes was playing the gift game with her colleagues when she unwrapped a $25 gift card for TJ Maxx. A colleague took the item from her, leaving her to choose another gift. Janes chose $25 worth of scratch-off tickets, and she was able to keep them.

The office manager scratched off the first ticket and won $25. She then scratched another ticket off, and her colleagues went wild. Janes had won the top prize of $175,000.

Fox News reported that Janes was shocked. “It was a $25 gift exchange, and I won $175,000!” she exclaimed. After taxes, she was able to collect $124,250 — quite a present to receive from an office holiday party. She will now use the money to pay off some of her daughter’s student loans and her vehicles.

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