Woman’s 911 Call Lands Her In Jail Over “Cold Feet”

(NewsReady.com) – Nearly three in 10 American adults have used dating apps or a site. Over 40% said online dating was easier for them. That’s not true for one man, who police detained after his date lied about him, but he got the last laugh.

On June 16, Sumaya Thomas, 18, called 911 in North Liberty, Iowa, just after midnight. She told operators that her abusive ex-boyfriend was threatening to punch, hit, and stab her over text messages. Police also said that she reported being pregnant with his baby.

Thomas said she’d known the man for two years. She claimed he wouldn’t leave her alone.

Officers responded to the scene and found the man leaving. They detained him for more than an hour and spoke to him. He said he’d only met Thomas through a dating app the week before. He said they’d exchanged text messages. According to law enforcement, he showed them the conversation, and it supported his story.

Law & Crime reported that the court documents stated, “The conversation showed [the man] was being honest, and he really did just meet the female.”

The officers questioned Thomas again, and she eventually admitted that she lied to them about the man. She claimed she “got cold feet” about the date. She allegedly said she called the police and made up the stories because she didn’t think they would help her otherwise. Officers arrested and charged Thomas with one count of false report and two counts of false report of indictable offense to a public entity.

In May, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida announced the arrest of 24-year-old Ashlyn Crews. She was a telecommunicator for the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. She contacted law enforcement and claimed a man was taking photos of her daughter while they were at a UPS store.

She also said she took the man’s phone but didn’t find photos of her daughter. Investigating officers didn’t believe the man did anything wrong and arrested her for filing a false report.

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