Woman’s Leg Amputated To Free Her From a Building

Woman's Leg Amputated To Free Her From a Building

(NewsReady.com) – A 116-year-old building in Davenport, Iowa, partially collapsed on May 28. Days afterward, rescuer workers were still trying to find potential victims. The tale of how one woman survived is now making news.

When the building collapsed on Memorial Day weekend, Quanisha Berry fell through the floor of her fourth-story apartment. She remained missing for more than seven hours before emergency workers found her. However, when they tried to move her, they couldn’t get her leg out from under the debris. That’s when the crew made a decision straight out of an episode of Grey’s Anatomy: they were going to have to amputate her leg.

Before rescue workers amputated Quanisha’s leg, they escorted her wife, Lexus Berry, through the rubble so she could see her. The terrified wife said she would “never forget the image” of her trapped spouse. She said she was able to tell Quanisha, who she called “Peach,” that she loved her and she would be okay.

Lexus says the medical personnel gave her wife pain medication, and then she was whisked away. The emergency workers were able to amputate Quanisha’s leg and free her. They immediately rushed her to the hospital. She remained heavily sedated and on a ventilator in the days after the amputation. Lexus said she is trying to process everything that happened to her wife. Right now, she is trying to be strong for her, saying she can’t fall into depression because she needs to be able to help Quanisha move forward.

In another miracle, a woman appeared in an apartment window almost 24 hours after the building collapsed.

When the woman appeared, crowds chanted, “Get her out!”

As for the building, once officials are finished clearing the site, it will be demolished. The city has already started the paperwork necessary to make that happen.

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