Your Worst Fears May Not Even Come Close to the Reality of the Russian Missile Disaster

Your Worst Fears May Not Even Come Close to the Reality of the Russian Missile Disaster
  • A nuclear reactor in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, exploded in late August.
  • Fears of nuclear fallout were essentially downplayed by the government.
  • High levels of radiation have been detected in several key areas.
  • Like Chernobyl, the risk for radioisotopes to spread globally does exist.
  • Isotopes are extremely carcinogenic and disrupt human DNA.

The recent Russian missile disaster where an explosion detonated several radioactive isotopes left almost everyone demanding real answers. At least five people have died and radiation levels skyrocketed near Severodvinsk.

Alexander Uvarov, editor of a Russian media outlet, explains that disaster released dangerous uranium-235 isotopes into the air at the explosion site. These isotopes are a byproduct of nuclear fission and are well-demonstrated to be severely damaging to human health.

But why is this missile disaster such a huge concern? Ultimately, it seems like Russian officials are keeping much of the details under wraps despite the risk for global harm. There are just too many discrepancies:

  • Russian nuclear monitoring stations mysteriously going offline
  • Hospital records being destroyed “accidentally” or randomly
  • Doctors forced to sign non-disclosure agreements or gag orders
  • Russian news outlets reporting misinformation or fake news

The reality that Russia is testing and building new weapons is a huge red flag for every country, especially the US. Vladimir Putin responded nonchalantly, stating that “this is common work in the military field, it’s work on promising future weapon systems.”

One of the biggest concerns about the Russian nuclear incident is that it may be testing the 9M730 Burevestnik nuclear-powered Skyfall cruise missile.

Last year, Putin shared that he was creating one of the biggest missiles able to topple any arsenal in the world.

From a boost of radioactive activity in nearby towns to canceled evacuation orders, it sounds like the Russians are covering something up or at least downplaying the incident. Only time will tell if the effects will be felt worldwide.

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