Zelenskyy Hometown Hit By Deadly Missile Attack

Zelenskyy Hometown Hit By Deadly Missile Attack

(NewsReady.com) – The Russian war on Ukraine is barreling toward its second year. Both sides have increased attacks on one another over the last few months. Missiles even rained down on the hometown of the Ukrainian president recently.

On June 13, officials announced the deaths of at least 11 people in Kryvyi Rih. The hometown of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was attacked in the middle of the night. The missiles hit an apartment building and a warehouse resulting in the deaths and injuring more than two dozen other people.

The death toll from the attacks was among the highest from a single strike. Zelenskyy reportedly shared images of the carnage on his Telegram channel, showing damaged buildings and vehicles. Firefighters were seen trying to battle a blaze. The president blamed “terrorist missiles,” saying the “Russian killers continue their war against residential buildings.”

Zelenskyy claimed the bodies of seven people were found inside a private company’s warehouse. Another four died inside the apartment building.

Survivors of the blasts told reporters that they were blown out of their beds. The Guardian reported one woman named Vira said she heard a loud sound and then saw light. She told the press that she sat down in a hallway and started panicking when her neighbor knocked on her door. She said they escaped together but saw everything burning and people jumping from balconies to escape the flames.

In other war news, Zelenskyy claimed his forces were able to liberate some of the areas in Donetsk. He claimed they were able to take back seven Russian settlements in the region. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied claims that Zelenskyy’s counteroffensive is working. He didn’t comment on the remarks about the settlements but has said the Ukrainian military lost over 160 tanks. Further, he said Ukraine’s loss of life is approaching a catastrophic level.

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