After Clemency Efforts, Missouri Death Row Inmate Is Executed

( – Brian Dorsey was a convicted murderer. There was no doubt he killed two people in 2006; he admitted to doing it. Now, he’s been put to death in Missouri, despite calls from dozens of prison guards who wanted to see him live.

On April 9, just after 6 p.m. local time, authorities at Potosi Correctional Center pronounced 52-year-old Dorsey dead. His execution came just hours after the US Supreme Court refused to grant him a reprieve. The order from the high court was issued without any dissent. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) also refused to grant the inmate clemency.

The petition to the governor was supported by more than 70 correctional officers, who noted the inmate had an exceptional record. During his 17 years in custody, Dorsey didn’t get into any trouble at all. In addition to the correctional officers, a former warden supported his petition for clemency.

In 2008, Dorsey pleaded guilty to killing his cousin, Sarah Bonnie, and her husband, Ben Bonnie, two years prior. The murders took place just two days before Christmas. The couple gave Dorsey a place to live after drug dealers began threatening him over a drug debt. At the time of the killings, he was reportedly on a crack cocaine bender and had not slept for three days.

Dorsey shot his cousin and her husband with their own shotgun while they were sleeping. He then sexually assaulted his cousin. They were survived by their 4-year-old daughter. After killing them, he took items from their home to try to pay his drug debt.

Although prison guards wanted his life spared, not all of his family members were convinced. Sarah Bonnie’s family asked the governor to put him to death, citing the immense trauma suffered by the couple’s daughter. They said that her whole childhood with her parents was “taken from her by a family member that proclaimed to love her.”

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