Alleged Assassination Talk by Roger Stone Spurs Anger

( – Roger Stone is known as a bombastic character in conservative circles. The longtime confidant of former President Donald Trump isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. An audio recording recently surfaced that sounded like him talking about assassinating Democratic lawmakers. However, Stone is denying that it was his voice.

On January 8, Mediaite published a bombshell report claiming that Stone met with his friend, now-former NYPD cop Sal Greco, at Caffe Europa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During the conversation, the website alleges it obtained audio of the meeting where the two men focused on Reps. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

During the alleged conversation, a voice that sounds like Stone’s reportedly said, “Let’s go find Swalwell. It’s time to do it.” He continued, “It’s either Nadler or Swalwell has to die before the election.” Stone allegedly stated that they would see how brave the rest of the Democrats were.

The conversation reportedly came after Nadler announced his intention to investigate Trump’s decision to commute Stone’s sentence after he was convicted of crimes during the Russia probe. Nadler and Swalwell served on the House Judiciary Committee at the time.

Roger Stone responded to the Mediaite report on X, formerly Twitter, slamming the website for not posting the audio. He said the website hasn’t shared the alleged audio, and if it does, then it must have been generated with artificial intelligence (AI).

In a statement to Mediaite, Stone denied making the remarks. He said the audio was a deep fake and “total nonsense.” Greco, on the other hand, didn’t deny the conversation took place but said he doesn’t think readers are “interested in ancient political fodder.”

Others on social media responded to the news with anger, saying anyone else would be in jail if they were accused of plotting to assassinate two sitting congressmen.

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