Former Marine Who Led A Firebombing On A Planned Parenthood Is Sentenced To Prison

( – Activists have attacked Planned Parenthood many times over the years because the clinics provide abortions and other critical healthcare services to women. In 2022, one of its clinics was firebombed in Southern California. The man responsible for the attack is now headed to prison.

On April 15, the Department of Justice announced the sentencing of 24-year-old Chance Brannon. In 2023, the former US Marine pleaded guilty to firebombing a Planned Parenthood clinic in Costa Mesa. US District Judge Cormac J. Carney sentenced him to nine years in prison and told him to pay $1,000 in restitution.

According to authorities, Brannon was serving as an active-duty Marine at the time of the crime and was stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. On March 13, 2022, he and co-conspirator Tibet Ergul drove to the clinic. They threw a Molotov cocktail at the entrance of the clinic to scare women and abortion doctors who were there.

Hours later, the two men returned to the clinic to see what damage they caused. Later that year, Brannon tried to teach another man how to carry out a similar attack.

In addition to the attack on Planned Parenthood, the men reportedly discussed how they could start a race war in America. They wanted to attack an electrical substation and disrupt power to Orange County. Brannon had a list of items he would need to carry out that attack and an operation plan on a thumb drive disguised as a Marine necklace.

The files on the thumb drive included racial slurs and a recording of the 2019 mass murder at a mosque in New Zealand carried out by a white supremacist. Brannon and Ergul also reportedly discussed plans to attack Dodger Stadium during one of the Pride Night events. He also hated Jewish people and often praised Adolf Hitler.

Federal officials accused Brannon of being motivated by a neo-Nazi ideology.

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