GOP Committee Requests That Mayorkas Provide Written Testimony

  • Republicans want to impeach the DHS head.
  • Immigration is out of control at the southern border, and conservatives blame the Biden administration.
  • Over 300,000 migrants crossed into the US in December.
  • Republicans want the DHS secretary to testify.

( – Republicans in the House are on an impeachment spree. They are currently investigating both President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for possible impeachment. They believe the DHS secretary failed to carry out the duties of his office by not doing enough to secure the southern border. Millions of migrants have entered the country over the last three years. Republicans are now demanding testimony from the Cabinet official.

Scheduling Conflicts

On January 5, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) sent a letter to Secretary Mayorkas and informed him the committee had recently concluded its investigation into the border crisis. He said the Biden Cabinet member’s testimony was a “vital” component of the oversight process and would provide the American people with “complete transparency and accountability.”

Green also pointed out that impeachment articles were filed against the secretary, and the proceedings have started. He requested that Mayorkas attend a hearing on January 18. Green later accused the secretary of refusing to testify in person.

However, NBC News reported it obtained a letter that Mayorkas sent to the committee on January 11 stating he could not testify on the 18th because he was scheduled to host Mexican government officials. The letter noted that the secretary is committed to cooperating with lawmakers and would be available to testify on another date. The committee refused to offer any other dates. Democratic sources said they refused because they wanted to vote to impeach him at the end of the month.

Green Changes Tactics

On January 17, Green sent another letter to Mayorkas. He stated that he received the secretary’s response and accused him of “endless delay tactics.” He explained that since the Biden official refuses to testify in person, he is asking him to submit written testimony.

Green released a public statement later and said that he gave the secretary “chance after chance to appear and explain his actions, decisions, and statements” but that he has refused to do so. He went on to say Congress wouldn’t continue to “accept indefinite delays,” and the latest letter was Mayorkas’ last chance to show the committee respect.

The chairman went on to say the American people want Congress to act, and they will continue with or without the secretary’s help.

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