House Republican Moves To Censure Ilhan Omar

( – Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is no stranger to antisemitism. Republicans and Jewish advocacy groups have repeatedly accused her of making anti-Semitic comments. One lawmaker is now trying to censure her.

On May 7, Rep. Dan Bacon (R-NE) introduced a measure to censure Omar. The congressman was angry about remarks the Democratic lawmaker made when she visited Columbia University on April 25. While at the Ivy League school where her daughter was arrested days prior, Omar told a journalist that she had a meeting with Jewish students and believed all of them “should be kept safe.” She went on to reiterate her point, saying they shouldn’t tolerate antisemitism against Jewish students, regardless of whether they are anti- or pro-genocide.

Bacon’s resolution takes issue with the congresswoman calling some students “pro-genocide,” saying the comment was “hateful.” The Republican went on to accuse Omar of having a “history of hateful rhetoric.” He claimed the congresswoman’s remarks could lead to violence against Jews.

The Nebraska congressman filed the motion during Holocaust Remembrance Week. However, his office said the House probably would not take it up this week because it was not filed as a privileged motion.

Omar’s spokesperson, Jacklyn Rogers, spoke about the criticism against the congresswoman in April after her visit. She said Omar “clearly condemned antisemitism and bigotry for all Jewish students.” She accused Conservatives of trying to misconstrue what the Democrat said in an attempt to distract from the genocide and antiwar protests.

Censuring a lawmaker is a way to rebuke a House member for their conduct. The last censure occurred in December against Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) for pulling a fire alarm in Congress in September. He was accused of doing it to stall a vote, but he said he was just trying to open a door. Omar has not been censured before, but she was removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee in February for her past remarks about Israel.

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