Israeli Defense Chief Says There Is No Plan For Gaza’s Post-Hamas Governance

  • Hamas has ruled Gaza since 2007.
  • Israel is trying to eradicate Hamas, which would leave the region without a government.
  • Netanyahu claimed there were secret plans to replace the militant group. 
  • The Defense Minister refuted Netanyahu’s claims. 

( – Israel has vowed to completely eradicate Hamas, the governing power of the Gaza Strip. For months, the Israelis have attacked the region to propel that mission forward. If they are successful, that would create a leadership vacuum. However, Israel doesn’t have a plan to fill the void left behind.

No Plans?

On Wednesday, May 15, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant accused leadership in his country of ignoring his requests to discuss what would replace the government in Gaza after the conflict is over. NPR reported Gallant said that he has “been raising the issue consistently in the Cabinet” but has not received a response.

The defense minister made the remarks during a speech that reportedly set off a firestorm. His frustration with the three-man war cabinet was evident. Gallant’s remarks were a response to comments made by Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, a spokesman for the military, the previous day.

During a press conference on Tuesday, a reporter asked Hagari if Israeli troops were being sent into areas they’d left because the Gaza Strip had no governing alternatives. Hagari said that finding a replacement for Hamas would put pressure on the terrorist organization.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brushed off the questions, claiming those were discussions that shouldn’t take place until after Hamas is eradicated. He also claimed the plans to make the replacement were secret.

Gallant criticized Netanyahu and contradicted his allegations that there were secret plans to replace Hamas. He called on the military and prime minister to promise they would not occupy Gaza long-term, arguing Hamas would only be eradicated if Palestinians were allowed to take control of the region and establish another government.

Post-War Concerns

There are concerns that Israel could try to establish settlements in Gaza after the end of the war. Netanyahu has repeatedly resisted a two-state solution that would allow Palestine and Israel to both exist as separate countries. Meanwhile, far-right extremists in Israel have settled in the West Bank, which has led to violence.

Senior members of Netanyahu’s government and thousands of Israelis held a rally calling for the government to build Jewish settlements on the ruins of Gaza’s cities, which would further displace Palestinians. Instead of ending the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, that could drag it on for longer and create more terrorists, experts have warned.

Netanyahu has said Israel doesn’t intend to resettle Gaza after the war, but the extremists in his government might have other plans. Those same officials are now calling for Gallant to be ousted.

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