Israeli Troops Withdraw After Heavy Fighting In Khan Younis

( – The war between Israel and Hamas is still going strong. The Israeli government’s goal is to completely eradicate the terrorist organization. Recently, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) withdrew from a city after heavy fighting.

On April 7, Israeli officials released a statement to media outlets informing them that they’d pulled their 98th Commando Division out of Khan Younis and Gaza Strip. The IDF stated the unit had “concluded its mission” in the city and needed to “recuperate and prepare for future operations.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said the troops withdrew from the region to get ready for an impending offensive in Rafah. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly still plans to plow ahead with the fight in the southern Gaza city that sits along the Egyptian border, even though international leaders have pleaded with him to abandon his plans. More than one million refugees are packed in the city after fleeing other parts of the Gaza Strip.

In addition to that news, Netanyahu is still trying to mend fences with America, Britain, and other countries after the IDF targeted a convoy of humanitarian workers. Seven workers with World Central Kitchen died on April 1 after a targeted missile strike on their clearly marked vehicles. An American-Canadian citizen was among those killed in the attack.

According to reports, Biden spoke to Netanyahu on April 7 and told him to open a crossing into northern Gaza. Also, the president told him to ramp up the amount of humanitarian aid flowing into the area too. Netanyahu allegedly promised Biden he was going to consider his words and do what he asked.

Israel receives billions of dollars from the US each year to secure itself. That money typically comes without any strings. That could change in light of the war on Gaza, which has killed tens of thousands of people, mostly Palestinians.

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