Michigan School Shooter’s Mother Points Fingers at School During Her Trial

(NewsReady.com) – Ethan Crumbley carried out a mass shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan in 2021. He was arrested for the murders of four people and sentenced to life in prison. His parents were also charged with involuntary manslaughter for the school shooting. Jennifer Crumbley’s trial began at the end of January, and she pointed fingers at the school.

On January 31, Crumbley took the stand in her trial. She blamed Oxford High School officials for the shooting. She said they were “nonchalant” about the danger her child posed before the murders. The mother also said she had no idea that her son had a gun on him but believes authorities at the school should have searched him on the day of the shooting.

Testimonies from school officials contradicted Crumbley. The day before she took the stand, Nicholas Ejak, the Oxford High School dean of students, testified and said school officials had no reason to think Ethan should have his backpack searched.

Ejak also told the court that he met with Ethan and his parents on the morning of the shooting to talk about disturbing drawings he’d made on a math assignment sheet. The picture reported depicted a bleeding body and a gun. The message on the paper said, “Blood everywhere… My life is useless… The thoughts won’t stop. Help me.” According to the dean, Ethan’s parents went back to work instead of taking him home. The shooting took place later that day.

While on the stand, Jennifer Crumbley told the court that she didn’t think she failed as a mother. She also said she would not have parented him any differently than she had. However, she said she wished he had killed her and her husband instead of the students at the school.

Crumbley said that she and her husband “lost a lot” because of the shooting.

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