More Officials Quit Due To Biden Admin’s Stance On The Gaza War

( – President Joe Biden spent months walking a thin line on the Israel-Hamas conflict. The US is a longtime ally of Israel and provides the country with billions in military aid. Liberals are demanding the administration take a tougher stance with Israel to stop the humanitarian crisis. Two officials recently resigned over Biden’s position on the conflict.

Stacy Gilbert, a veteran State Department official, also resigned. In an interview with the HuffPost, she said she decided to leave her position because the Biden administration is “twisting the facts” to make claims that Israel isn’t blocking humanitarian aid from reaching Gaza. She said the government is lying so it can continue sending military aid to the Israeli government.

Gilbert said she believes Biden intended to ensure Israel complied with international law but hasn’t been able to do so. She pointed to a report on Israel’s conduct and said artificial intelligence could have written it because “it is not informed by reality or context or the informed opinions of subject matter experts.”

Alexander Smith, a contractor for the US Agency for International Development (USAID), recently claimed the administration forced him to resign, or his superiors would have fired him after he prepared a presentation about the child and maternal mortality rates in Gaza. Smith served as a senior adviser on gender, child health, maternal health, and nutrition. He said his superiors canceled his presentation at the last minute.

Ultimately, Smith said he decided to resign on May 27. He’d worked at USAID for four years before the conflict. Reports indicated that his resignation letter took issue with USAID’s inconsistent approach to the plight of the Palestinian people compared to the people in other countries.

Smith wrote that he couldn’t perform his duties when “specific people cannot be acknowledged as fully human, or where gender and human rights” only apply to some people “depending on their race.”

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