Team Owner Fined $300K for Hurling Alcohol Into the Crowd During a Shutout Loss

( – The Jacksonville Jaguars shut out the Carolina Panthers on New Year’s Eve. The Jags won 26-0 against the worst team in the NFL. The owner of the Panthers has now received a massive fine for bad behavior during the game.

The drama began when Panthers quarterback Bryce Young threw an interception with less than three minutes left in the game. A video soon circulated on the internet showing the billionaire owner of the Panthers, David Tepper, angrily throwing a drink at Jags fans seated below his suite.

It’s not clear why Tepper threw the drink, but it doesn’t matter. The NFL announced it was fining Tepper $300,000 for unacceptable conduct. The league stated that its personnel are supposed to conduct themselves in a way that makes their team and the NFL look good at all times.

Tepper also released a statement saying he is “deeply passionate” about the Panthers and regrets how he behaved. He went on to say that he respects the decision and accepts the fine for his behavior. He also stated that he should have allowed the stadium’s security to handle the problems.

The Panthers have a 2-14 record this season, making them the worst team in the league. Ordinarily, the worst team receives the number one overall draft pick, but the Panthers traded that opportunity away. They gave it to Chicago to get Young, the quarterback who threw the interception.

Tepper isn’t the only person to receive a major fine this season. The Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid and his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, received fines of $100,000 and $50,000, respectively, after the Chiefs lost to the Buffalo Bills. The two men criticized the referees after an offside penalty negated a game-winning touchdown. Earlier in the season, Bills quarterback Josh Allen received a $10,927 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct for pointing at and taunting a Cincinnati Bengals player after scoring a touchdown.

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