US Customs and Border Protection Detains TSA Director in Florida

( – A senior TSA official has been arrested over accusations she exploited an elderly relative. Maxine McManaman, an assistant director at the agency, landed in Atlanta, Georgia, on an international flight, then was detained on an outstanding warrant. Now, she’s been placed on leave until her legal issues are resolved.

Last April, cops in St. Lucie County, Georgia, opened an investigation into McManaman and her father, Delroy Chambers Sr., after being alerted that Chambers was exploiting his wife, who suffers from dementia. In December, they concluded that the pair had forged signatures on documents to transfer ownership of a property from the elderly woman to themselves. The transfer was done on a quitclaim deed, which requires a signature from someone who held power of attorney for the original owner. That person was Chambers’s son, Delroy Chambers Jr, and his signature appeared on the quitclaim deed, but authorities in Florida, where the deed was allegedly signed, found that he’d been in Atlanta on December 5, 2022, the date he’d supposedly signed it.

To confuse the issue, Chambers signed the deed but left the “Sr” off his name, trying to make it appear that his son had signed it. McManaman countersigned despite knowing the signatory wasn’t authorized to transfer the property. Chambers Sr. was arrested on December 20 and charged with two counts each of forgery and exploitation of an elderly, disabled adult, and one charge of neglect.

On December 28, McManaman landed at Atlanta’s international airport, and when she tried to go through immigration, authorities arrested her on a warrant from St. Lucie County. She’s facing a charge of forgery, a third-degree felony. McManaman has worked for the TSA for over 20 years, rising to her current job as Assistant Federal Security Director. She is currently detained at Clayton County Jail, waiting for extradition back to St. Lucie Country.

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