After Sharp Increases During The Pandemic, The Number Of Killings In Major American Cities Falls

( – For the most part, the homicide rate in the US steadily declined for years. Then, in 2019, it started to increase and eventually skyrocketed during the first year of the national health crisis. Now, has declined in some of the biggest cities in America.

The US is on its way to seeing the lowest homicide rate since former President Barack Obama left office. The number of murders in American cities has fallen at the fastest pace since the 1990s.

A study by AH Analytics shows that year-to-date, murders fell by nearly 20% in 214 cities, from 2,432 in 2023 to 1,932 in 2024. Some of the cities that saw declines are

  • Philadelphia by 37.17%
  • Dallas by 29.21%
  • Houston by 24.69%
  • New York City by 23.53%
  • Chicago by 9.46%
  • Baltimore by 35.80%
  • Washington, DC by 26.15%
  • Detroit by 28.57%
  • New Orleans by 39.73%
  • Phoenix by 37.50%

According to Axios, the murder rate could be at the 2014 level, when some cities saw their lowest homicide rate in 30 years.

Crime has been a top issue during the presidential race. Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly painted the country as a lawless, wasteland under his successor. But while there are some cities where the murder rate increased, like Los Angeles by 9.46%, the vast majority of cities have seen those rates drop.

Trump’s messaging is working, though. A Gallup poll at the end of last year showed 63% of Americans believed the US crime problem in the country was extremely serious. Approximately 40% of respondents said they were afraid to walk outside alone at night within a mile of their homes. Gallup pointed out that people were showing the same level of concern for their safety that they had in 1993, when the country was experiencing one of the worst crime waves in American history.

If Biden fails to get the message about the murder rate out to the American people, it could hurt him in November.

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