Rep. Tim Burchett Says The Government’s Reluctance To Declassify UFO Documents Is Costing Tax Payers Millions

  • Whistleblowers have accused the government of knowing more than they are revealing during congressional hearings.
  • One whistleblower even claimed the US had biological evidence that aliens exist. 
  • A US congressman is now speaking out against the federal government for keeping information secret. 
  • The Republican believes the government is involved in a cover-up.

( – The question of whether there’s life elsewhere in the universe is not new. People have questioned it for hundreds of years, long before they even understood what outer space is. Area 51 has been a hot spot for Americans who believe aliens exist. Movies about creatures from other planets have captivated audiences. In recent years, information has left people wondering what the federal government knows about life beyond the planet Earth.

A Republican congressman is now criticizing the government for dragging its feet in declassifying information about the unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAP), also known as UFOs.

Wasting Taxpayer Money

On April 24, Fox News Digital published an interview with Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) about an alleged government “cover-up.” He said that he absolutely believes the government is covering something up because they released a file that was “half blacked out.” Further, he claimed it was a “cover-up” when one government authority confirms something exists while “another federal authority says it doesn’t exist.”

Burchett said the cover-up “exists” and “is real.” Now, the government is “spending tens of millions of dollars” on an issue officials claim doesn’t exist, “yet [they] continue spending the money on it.”

The congressman was part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers who viewed classified information about UFOs in recent weeks. When he was asked about what he saw, he said he couldn’t talk about it. However, he made it clear that he believes the real issue is who occupies the White House, saying the American people would remain in the dark until they had a president who got fed up with the lack of transparency.


The Fox interview wasn’t the first time the congressman has spoken out about the government’s behavior when it comes to UFOs. Burchett spoke to Blake Burman on NewsNation’s program “The Hill” about the issue. He accused the government of spending millions investigating UFOs and even had officials say there were recovery units that worked on them but refused to release the full reports.

Burman asked Burchett why he thought there was a cover-up. He said that there should be more evidence of extraterrestrial life because of all the technological gains that have been made over the decades. He accused the federal government of being arrogant by withholding information from the American people.

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