Donald Trump Is Scheduled To Attend A Fundraiser On Barron’s Graduation Day

( – Former President Donald Trump railed against Judge Juan Merchan for weeks over his youngest son, Barron Trump’s, graduation. The presumptive Republican nominee was finally given permission to attend the ceremony, and now he has something else planned for the day, too.

Barron will graduate from Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida, on May 17. Merchan is allowing Trump to take the day off from his New York criminal trial to attend the ceremony. The decision came after the former president repeatedly claimed the judge was refusing to allow him to celebrate his youngest child’s important day. His supporters also jumped in and attacked the judge over the issues.

Now, Trump will reportedly attend the ceremony earlier in the day, but he’s skipping the festivities later. On May 6, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann announced Trump would headline the 2024 annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner on May 17. He said the party was “thrilled to welcome President Trump” to attend the “annual tradition that reminds” Republicans of the party’s roots. Hann also said he couldn’t “think of no one more fitting” to join them.

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) is co-hosting the event. He also expressed excitement about Trump’s attendance. He said President “Joe Biden’s failed policies” are showing residents of the state that the Republican nominee is “the only choice to lead our country forward.”

The fundraiser is being held in Saint Paul, about a 3.75-hour flight from Trump’s home in Florida. The graduation ceremony is scheduled to start at 10 a.m., but it’s not clear when it will end or when the Republican event will begin.

In 2020, Trump said he would never visit Minnesota again if Biden won the state. The Democratic candidate did win the election but the former president has decided that he will give Minnesotans a second chance.

Minnesota will be one of the battleground states that will decide the outcome of the election.

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