America Launches Its Fourth Attack Against Houthi Rebels

  • Operation Prosperity Guardian is a multinational response to the attacks by Houthi rebels. 
  • The terrorists have repeatedly attacked commercial ships in the Red Sea.
  • Two Navy SEALs went missing while intercepting weapons off the coast of Somalia.
  • The US has launched its fourth attack on Houthi-controlled sites in Yemen.

( – Terrorists in the Middle East are using the Israeli war against Hamas as an excuse to carry out various attacks. In Iraq and Syria, for example, Iranian-backed militants have launched missiles and drones at bases where American troops are located, injuring some of them. In Lebanon, Hezbollah has launched missiles at Israel, causing a conflict on the border between the two countries.

Then there are the Houthi rebels in Yemen. The Shia military and political organization’s armed militants have been attacking commercial ships in the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea for months. The US and its allies recently launched military strikes against the Iranian militant group, and now they’ve carried out their fourth strike.

Operation Prosperity Guardian

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin launched Operation Prosperity Guardian on December 18, which brought multiple countries together to respond to the Houthi attacks. The rebels have severely disrupted commercial shipping, causing companies to take longer, more expensive routes to get their goods to their final destinations. Those costs will likely be pushed off to consumers who are already suffering from global inflation.

Repeated warnings by the US and its allies to the Houthis went unheeded. Finally, on January 11, the US, UK, Bahrain, the Netherlands, and Canada launched military strikes against targets associated with the rebels in Yemen.

The Pentagon announced that more than 70 targets were struck by missiles and drones over the course of two days. In the following week, the coalition launched more strikes. Now, the fourth one has also been carried out.

Fourth Missile Strike

On January 17, the US military fired another wave of missiles at the Houthi-controlled targets in Yemen. US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced the strikes were launched from submarines and ships in the Red Sea. They hit 14 missiles that were loaded and ready to be launched, which the Pentagon has labeled an “imminent threat to merchant vessels and [US] Navy ships” in the area. The rebels could have fired the missiles at any time, and America felt as though it had to exercise its “inherent right and obligation to defend” itself.

The wave of strikes came the same day Secretary of State Antony Blinken designated the Houthis a terrorist organization.

Missing Navy SEALs

The Houthi rebels are receiving weapons from Iran. The US warned the Iranian government about sending weapons to the terrorists. On January 11, the same day as the first missile strikes, two Navy SEALs went missing while they were boarding an unflagged vessel at night off the coast of Somalia.

One of the SEALs fell out of the vessel after being knocked over by a wave. A second SEAL jumped in to save him and also went missing. The vessel they were boarding contained missile components headed to Yemen. The search for the SEALs continues.

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