Burger King Addresses Claims of Bullying Its Customers

(NewsReady.com) – Wendy’s is known for its brutal trolling on social media. The restaurant’s X (formerly Twitter) account often shares outlandish posts. The comments always appear to be in good fun. However, one of its competitors is in hot water for trolling a customer who had a complaint about their burger.

In December, a video was posted on TikTok that showed a man talking about what happened when he reached out to Burger King to complain about a sandwich he received. The guy in the video, whose name was Terrence, messaged the restaurant’s verified X account and said he needed to make a complaint. He showed a screenshot of the conversation so everyone could see what happened next.

Terrence sent a photo to Burger King showing the burger he received. He then said, “Ain’t no one eating that. Look at it” The restaurant immediately trolled him by sharing a picture of Terrence and writing, “Look at you. Big ahh forehead.”

The man in the video responded, “NAHHH THATS [sic] PHOTOSHOPPED.” Burger King shared another photo of the man with a tic-tac-toe grid on his forehead and a message that said, “Your turn.” Terrence said that he didn’t even know how to reply to the last message.

The video was posted on X, and social media users began accusing Burger King of bullying. The fast-food restaurant responded to one of the messages and asked the poster to contact their support page.

Newsweek reached out to the restaurant to find out how it was handled but received no response.

Ironically, Burger King released an anti-bullying campaign in 2017. The company created an ad that showed people being bullied in their restaurants and expressed the importance of speaking up to prevent it from happening.

It appears the restaurant chain needs to use its own ad as a training video for whoever was running its social media account.

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